The Biggest Mistakes People Make Saving For College


Saving for college can be a challenging. These are a lot of different ways to save and a lot of different suggestions about how much to save. And parents are worried about this – according to a recent T. Rowe Price survey, 52% of parents felt it was more important to save for their kids’ college […]

The Treasures Hidden in Employee Benefits


People often don’t realize that they’re missing out on valuable employee benefits. Here’s how one planner helps them get what’s theirs.   I’m talking with a client, Sarah, about her work benefits.   “Are you signed up for disability insurance through work?” I ask. Since Sarah, who’s in her 30s, has at least 25 years […]

4 Retirement Mistakes That Can Cost You $250,000 Or More


Sometimes the costliest errors are ones we make ourselves, often without realizing how much damage we’re doing.   We tend to think the mistakes that derail retirement are the ones that are inflicted on us: an investment that implodes; an adviser who dupes us; a market crash that decimates our nest egg. In fact, the costliest errors are […]

4 Moves to Make Now to Cut Your Taxes for 2016


With tax season in full swing, some people are scrambling to make last-minute deductions only to find that many of the most important deadlines for doing so have already passed. As frustrating as that may be, it should at least motivate you to begin planning ahead for next year. Here are four moves you can […]

The Safest Way To Make Your Retirement Savings Last


“Whenever I read about annuities, I wonder why you can’t create one on your own without an insurance company. Just invest your money conservatively and then watch your expenses so you don’t blow through your savings too soon. Wouldn’t that plan work just as well, if not better, than an annuity?” — Mike J., New […]

When You Must Take Money Out of Your I.R.A. or 401(k)


The 15th isn’t the only significant tax deadline in April. If you turned 70½ in 2014 and have an individual retirement account, you have until April 1 to make your first withdrawal — known as a “required minimum distribution” or “minimum required distribution,” in tax lingo. The rule also generally applies to other tax-deferred retirement accounts, like 401(k)s. […]

4 Ways to Set Yourself Up for Early Retirement


By: Paul Keegan via Money Knocking off at 55 is hard but not impossible. Here’s what one young family needs to do to reach their goal. Carlos O. Gomez, 38, wants to retire at 55. To that end, the high school assistant principal from Oceanside, Calif., puts $11,100 of his $106,000 salary into retirement accounts […]

Payday Loans Are Even Worse Than You Thought


By: Jacob Davidson via Money Nearly half of all payday loan customers defaulted within two years of their first loan, new research shows.   We already know a lot about the terrible impact payday loans have on borrowers.   For instance, the median payday borrower is in debt for 199 days out of the year, even […]

5 Money Habits of the Rich You Can Learn


How to save and invest your way to seven figures   Think it’s impossible to save a million bucks? It’s not. Fidelity Investments took a look at the 401(k) portfolios of its clients to see if those in the million-dollar-plus club have characteristics that make them stand out from the crowd. Surprisingly, being super-rich wasn’t […]

How Much You Need to Save In Case of Emergency


By: Maggie McGrath via Forbes What’s the only thing that’s more painful than a trip to an emergency room, a roof leak or a carburetor breakdown? In all likelihood: the bill that follows any of these unexpected events, which can total hundreds and even thousands of dollars. In the case of that leaky roof, for example, you’re looking […]