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Retirement Income Mistake Most Americans are Making


By: Walter Updegrave via Money   Retirees want steady income yet few buy annuities—probably because they don’t understand how they work. Here’s a plain-English guide.   A recent TIAA-CREF surveyfound that 84% of Americans want guaranteed monthly income in retirement, yet only 14% have actually bought an annuity. One reason may be that most people don’t really […]

10 Key Facts About Social Security Benefits


via MFS 1.  Eligibility for Social Security benefits is determined by your work history.   To qualify for benefi ts, you must have earned a minimum number of “credits” over the course of your working life.   2. Changes to your status in any of these areas can have a positive or negative effect on your benefit amount.   […]

6 Most Overlooked Tax Deductions


  By: Suzanne Woolley via Bloomsburg Business   After you’ve itemized deductions on your income tax for a few years, you get to know the drill. You track charitable contributions—even the little ones—and know what unreimbursed work-related expenses are legit. But even experienced itemizers miss things. We called leading tax preparers to find out what people tend […]

5 Numbers You Need to Know to Get a Handle on Your Money


Do you really know your money? You would be surprised how many people don’t know anything about their all-important relationship with their finances. You may think you’re pretty financially savvy, but if you can’t answer these five questions you may need to get better acquainted with your money.   1. Monthly Income   This may […]

4th Annual Heroes Gala

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 9.36.48 AM

  Luke’s Wings gives families the chance to be with a family member who has been injured in combat. This amazing non-profit is throwing it’s annual Gala and we want you in attendance! Purchase a ticket here and if you can’t attend consider making a donation to the people that sacrifice their lives to keep […]

IRS Agent or Scammer?


Scammers who pretend to be IRS agents and harass unsuspecting citizens into paying debts they don’t owe have been quite busy over the last two years. According to the Associated Press, some version of this scam has resulted in victims being conned out of $15.5 million since 2013.   Only a small percentage of people who are targeted […]

Unclaimed Tax Refunds Total More than $1 Billion


  Looking for some extra cash? The Internal Revenue Service has $1 billion of it waiting to be collected.   An estimated one million taxpayers who did not file a federal income tax return for 2011 have failed to pick up refunds totaling $1 billion. The IRS estimates that about half of those refunds total $698 or […]

3 Secrets to Maxing out Social Security Spousal Benefits

Couple Social Security

  If there’s one set of rules worth understanding, it’s spousal benefits. Every year, couples leave literally billions of dollars on the table because they make the wrong claiming choices. Here are three secrets to getting this claim right, and how they apply to your situation:   1. To get spousal benefits, the primary earner must file […]

Borrowing From Your 401(k) Might Not Be A Bad Idea


  “Leakage,” using 401(k) or IRA savings to pay for anything other than retirement, has become something of a bad word in the personal finance world. One policy wonk, Matt Fellowes, the founder and CEO of HelloWallet, took the metaphor even further when he wrote that “the large rate and systematic quality of the non-retirement uses of […]

10 Mistakes by Annuity Shoppers


By: Stan Haithcock   It seems like everyone is trying to sell you an annuity.   Your banker, your broker, and your life insurance agent are all on the annuity sales train. In addition, you are continually bombarded with TV and radio ads, which now features ridiculous celebrity endorsements. It’s important to tune out all of that […]