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Income & Retirement


Over the past four decades, Ken Musolf, 63, has carefully plotted out an investment strategy for him and his wife, Jeanne, 59. His financial acumen has helped the couple accumulate $1.1 million in retirement funds.   Though Ken retired in 2012 after 35 years as a construction electrician, he and Jeanne have yet to tap that […]

5 Trends That Could Impact Your Finances


While tax-efficient investing and maxing out tax-advantaged retirement accounts should always be top financial priorities, the start of every new year means there are new financial rules and trends to consider. Here are my insights on what’s coming down the road—and how to plan for them.   Higher Taxes   One of the most important […]

Facebook & The Global Economy


With 1.35 billion users of its Internet social network, Facebook would rank as the world’s second-most populous nation if it were a country.   While its users may populate only a virtual country, Facebook says it generates a lot of real economic activity – $227 billion worth of economic impact and 4.5 million jobs in 2014, according […]

How to Turn Student Loans Into Less of a Burden


By: Olivia Michael via CNBC   In an environment where U.S. consumer prices overall remain historically low, tuition is one of the fastest growing expenses. By extension, it means the $1.2 trillion collective mountain of education debt is likely to grow bigger.   Experts cite ballooning student debt as detrimental to everything from net worth to […]

5 Health Care Trends That Might Be Too Costly


By: Robert Pearl via Forbes   Part of the fun of ringing in the New Year is looking back on the achievements of the previous one. And in 2014, there were plenty of health care success stories to celebrate: major medical advances, new technologies and the Affordable Care Act’s unexpectedly good first year.   At […]

8 Tips When it Comes to Divorce & Taxes


By:Emma Johnson via Forbes   Getting divorced? You have a lot going on. In fact, when you divorce, nearly every vertical of your life changes — including your taxes.   If your marriage is ending, address these tax concerns now. Below are the nuts and bolts of divorce and tax law. But if you are […]

The New Congress and Retirement


  By: Rodney Brooks via USA Today   A new Congress is in session, and a big question is this: Exactly what do they have in store for older Americans and retirees?   Are changes to Social Security and Medicare on the table, as some activists wonder? And, are changes in store for the tax […]

5 Mistakes To Avoid in Financial Planning


By: Parag Raja via Businessweek   Financial planning is one of the least understood aspects of modern life. The reason is not hard to find. Till as recently as middle of 20th century people had little reason to plan. Their lives were pretty much one-track affairs where all that an individual could do was to […]

Oil Prices Hurting Russia’s Economy


By:Rob Garver via CNBC   Amid continued economic deterioration, the Russian government took steps to reassure the public yesterday that its leaders are on the job. Russians have seen the purchasing power of their savings cut in half due to a plunge in the value of the ruble, brought about by a devastating decline in […]

U.S. Retail Sales Severely Dropped

Retail Sales

By: Victoria Stilwell via Bloomberg   Retail sales in the U.S. slumped in December by the most in almost a year, reflecting a broad-based retreat that will probably prompt economists to cut growth forecasts.   The 0.9 percent drop, the biggest since January 2014, followed a 0.4 percent gain in November that was smaller than […]