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Financial Tips for Widows

4 Retirement Plan Options for Small Businesses

The Retirement Risk Everyone Avoids Discussing


    A recent article by Howard Gold of to full article below) discussed a big retirement risk factor that very few people think about or want to discuss. Try to guess what it is. To quote the author “You won’t see it in television ads about retirement. You won’t hear it at investment […]

A Tax Shelter Opportunity


If you choose a Traditional IRA and qualify for a deduction, a deposit will automatically trim what you owe the IRS for 2013, boosting your refund or trimming the check you have to write. If you opt for a Roth IRA, you’ll trade the immediate gratification of tax savings now for luscious tax-free income in […]

Stocks, Real Estate and Gold


Does your retirement or investment strategy rely largely on shiny lumps of metal (Gold, Silver, Platinum)? If so, you might not want it to. A recent article by John Aziz of takes a look at Gallup’s recently released poll on Americans’ favorite investments. The poll, which is always interesting, asks Americans to choose the best investment given the […]

7 Ways to Minimize Income Tax in Retirement


Another April 15th has passed so Tax day is over, for now.  Taxes are a unfortunate necessity when you have a full-time job, but your tax liability will probably change  after you retire. You are probably hoping your taxes will decrease after you retire. They probably will but you still need to take control of […]

8 Retirement Questions 50-Something Couples Need To Answer


Last week during a speech at a Washington retirement conference sponsored by the Investment Company Institute, James Poterba, president of the National Bureau of Economic Research set out eight questions he’s come up with to help 50-something friends, neighbors and relatives think about whether they’re saving enough for retirement. Below is a summary of his […]

The Biggest Mistake You’ll Make When You Retire


The below article is about the biggest mistake people make when they retire. Originally published in the Palm Beach Letter, this article by author Mark Ford points out a common mistake that many experts forget to mention. Ford, a self proclaimed three time retirement failure, has learned from his mistake and shares it with the […]

Should married couples ever file taxes separately?


For the majority of readers, the answer to the above question is no. Yet, there are special situations where it makes sense for married couples to file their taxes seperately. Below are a few reasons why married couples might consider filing their taxes separately. For an in depth explanation of every reason, click on the […]

10 Myths that Ruin Retirements

Nest Egg with large bills

Below is a list of misconceptions that can impact how you prepare for the future. The article by Carolyn O’Hara of LearnVest (featured on highlights some of the faulty thinking that leads people to uncertain retirements. Some of the misconceptions the author points out are pretty obvious but quite a few of the misconceptions highlighted have […]