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Income & Retirement


Over the past four decades, Ken Musolf, 63, has carefully plotted out an investment strategy for him and his wife, Jeanne, 59. His financial acumen has helped the couple accumulate $1.1 million in retirement funds.   Though Ken retired in 2012 after 35 years as a construction electrician, he and Jeanne have yet to tap that […]

The New Congress and Retirement


  By: Rodney Brooks via USA Today   A new Congress is in session, and a big question is this: Exactly what do they have in store for older Americans and retirees?   Are changes to Social Security and Medicare on the table, as some activists wonder? And, are changes in store for the tax […]

Financial Planning for Retirement in 4 Easy Steps

By: Ken Moraif via MarketWatch In order to retire financially secure, you need to have a plan. But what should it entail and how do you create it?   Outlined below are four principal steps that are important elements in determining retirement success.   Step No. 1: Analyze your expenses   What do you spend money […]

How Big Does Your Retirement Nest Egg Need to Be?

nest egg

More Americans are taking responsibility for managing their own retirement assets, and many are wondering how to fund the period after the traditional retirement age. With this in mind, we believe it has never been more important to think about a retirement goal. In this issue of Financial Directions, we look at how to determine […]

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The Retirement Risk Everyone Avoids Discussing


    A recent article by Howard Gold of to full article below) discussed a big retirement risk factor that very few people think about or want to discuss. Try to guess what it is. To quote the author “You won’t see it in television ads about retirement. You won’t hear it at investment […]