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5 Money Mistakes We All Make


When it comes to finances, we often are critical of the money mistakes of others while ignoring our own. The truth is we all make money mistakes. We overspend to reward ourselves, we lazily forget a bill, etc. But it’s okay,  it’s easy to avoid these mistakes when you’re aware of them.  Here’s a great article […]

How Insurance Fits into Your Financial Plan

life isurance blank bar chart and glases

  Life insurance is one of those things that almost everyone needs, but almost no one wants to think about. But if anyone is relying on you financially, you need life insurance because frankly, your financial obligations might outlive you. And as your financial responsibilities grow, so does your need for insurance. That’s why life insurance […]

The Essentials of Retirement Planning: Personal Life Expectancy


Here is a great article by Janet Novack of Forbes magazine about the importance of factoring life expectancy (both yours and close relatives) into retirement planning. The article discusses the many ways that life expectancy can affect one’s retirement plans positively and negatively. The negatives are usually cause by failing to factor in life expectancy […]

Max Out Your Retirement Accounts in 2014


Here’s a great article by author  Emily Brandon featured in US News & World Report. The article details a variety of different ways to max out your retirement savings in the New Year. If you would like to open a retirement account in the new year call Manna at 703-533-0030 or visit for a free […]

Markets Feast on Improving Economy


There are a few turkeys on the Nasdaq ahead of the holidays. Stocks listed on the exchanges are doing so well that the composite index will open above 4,000, something unseen for 13 years. So where do we go from here? According to Jeremy Siegel, a Wharton professor of finance and a renowned author, the […]

2014 IRA & 401(k) Limits

Virginia 529 College Savings Plan

IRS SETS 2014 IRA AND 401(k) LIMITS The Internal Revenue Service recently announced the following retirement plan contribution limits for the upcoming tax year.   IRA contributions Roth: Remains unchanged $5,500 Traditional: Remains unchanged $5,500 Catch-up:Remains unchanged $1,000 401(k) contributions Remains unchanged $17,500 Catch-up contributions Remains unchanged $5,500   Traditional IRA deductibility phase out –New for 2014 Single Filers […]

Why Today Matters for a Happy Retirement


Whether retirement is in the near or distant future for you, it’s a sure bet that you look forward to not only seeing the day when you can make work optional, but also to a very happy retirement with minimal worries. Settling into your dream home on a quiet mountainside. Playing hide-and-seek in a household […]


TOP FINANCIAL ADVISORS INSIGHTS:   After years of saving and planning for retirement, you may be relieved and excited to realize you can fi nally afford to stop working. Careful planning in the months leading up to retirement can help you ensure a smooth transition from employee to retiree. If you have decided to retire, you […]

Five Retirement Tax Strategies for 2012


1) Contribute the Maximum to Retirement Accounts Although the elective deferral limit for 401(k) and similar plans was increased to $17,000 for 2012, IRA contribution limits remain the same as 2011, at $5,000. IRA owners 50 or older by December 31, 2012 can contribute an extra $1,000 for a total of $6,000 and plan participants […]

Baby Boomers are you Worried about having enough saved for retirement?

Baby boomer

Here’s a simple approach: work just a few years longer. By accumulating more savings and shortening your withdrawal period, you’ll reduce the lump sum needed to generate the necessary income at retirement.  Surveys show that most baby boomers plan to work in some capacity during their retirement years. The question is, should you keep working […]