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The New Congress and Retirement


  By: Rodney Brooks via USA Today   A new Congress is in session, and a big question is this: Exactly what do they have in store for older Americans and retirees?   Are changes to Social Security and Medicare on the table, as some activists wonder? And, are changes in store for the tax […]

The Importance of Financial Planning


By: Chad Smith via Times   Our meeting started with an engaging description of her latest trip to Italy.   She had come in to see how her situation looked retiring now instead of two years from now, as we had originally planned. Approaching her late 60s, she no longer felt like dealing with her […]

Are You Saving This Year?


By Morgan Quinn via The Huffington Post   Americans really want to save. They just don’t know if they can do it.   Saving money is this year’s most popular financial resolution, with more than 37 percent of Americans prioritizing it over paying down debt, curbing their spending, investing and even getting a raise. But […]

Financial Planning for Retirement in 4 Easy Steps

By: Ken Moraif via MarketWatch In order to retire financially secure, you need to have a plan. But what should it entail and how do you create it?   Outlined below are four principal steps that are important elements in determining retirement success.   Step No. 1: Analyze your expenses   What do you spend money […]

5 Money Mistakes We All Make


When it comes to finances, we often are critical of the money mistakes of others while ignoring our own. The truth is we all make money mistakes. We overspend to reward ourselves, we lazily forget a bill, etc. But it’s okay,  it’s easy to avoid these mistakes when you’re aware of them.  Here’s a great article […]

Using Internet Explorer? Don’t!


A recently discovered security flaw in Microsoft’s  Internet Explorer browser revealed this weekend “could lead to the complete compromise of an affected system,” the Department of Homeland Security says . Officials recommend that users use alternative browsers until Microsoft fixes the issue and releases software updates. If you’re still using Internet Explorer for security reasons now you […]

The U.S. Stock Market Stages a Comeback


Positive earnings from Apple and Caterpillar as well as an upbeat report on capital spending boosted market sentiment. A jump in durable-goods orders sent stock markets higher.  Orders for equipment such as computers, aircraft and heavy machinery jumped 2.6% in March and posted the biggest gain in four months, offering another sign that the U.S. economy might […]

A Tax Shelter Opportunity


If you choose a Traditional IRA and qualify for a deduction, a deposit will automatically trim what you owe the IRS for 2013, boosting your refund or trimming the check you have to write. If you opt for a Roth IRA, you’ll trade the immediate gratification of tax savings now for luscious tax-free income in […]

7 Ways to Minimize Income Tax in Retirement


Another April 15th has passed so Tax day is over, for now.  Taxes are a unfortunate necessity when you have a full-time job, but your tax liability will probably change  after you retire. You are probably hoping your taxes will decrease after you retire. They probably will but you still need to take control of […]

Earnings Season = Uncertainty & Volatility


After a spectacular rally Wednesday, stocks were pummeled Thursday. The selloff came after a higher opening and surprisingly good jobless claims number of 300,000. That’s the the best weekly number since 2007.   We have to remember that we just exited the 1st quarter of 2014, thus we are entering Earnings Season. Often times, earning […]